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Having a leak in your water line can be frustrating. A lot of the time you don’t even know there is a leak until you receive a high water bill. If the leak is in the utilities water line then you should call your water company. If you are a resident of Tacoma, your water company is Tacoma Public Utilities. If you believe the leak is between the street water main and your home, then it is your responsibility to find and fix the leak. Otherwise you will continue to pay a much higher water bill than you should.

Finding the leak can be the first challenge. One method to confirm you have a leak is to shut off all of the water in your house and then check the water meter that connects the main water line to your house and check to see if the meter is showing any changes when your water is shut off. If the meter shows water usage then there is either a leak between the meter and your house or somewhere inside your home.

When you call Hunt’s Services to determine if you have a leak, first we would check whether your toilets are leaking. Sometimes they leak so quietly you don’t even know that it’s happening. Once that has been ruled out we would go outside and look for obvious signs of leaking, like wet spots in the yard or extra green grass and maybe dig a couple of pot holes looking for water.

We have a couple of different options for repairs. If the line is copper or plastic we can generally repair it once the leak is located. If it is galvanized then we recommended replacement of the line.


Line replacement is something we do very often. We use 2 different methods. The first is just getting out the shovels and digging a trench typically the trench needs to be 2’ deep (the entire distance of the line). The other method is Directional Boring, which is great since we only require 2 holes to be dug and our boring machine will run the line underground without having to dig it up. With this method we save your landscaping and a lot of times your driveway too. Give us a call if you’re having water service issues and we will get the job done for you with the best available option.


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