Water heater repair and new installations featuring the latest energy efficient water heaters are all available from Hunt’s Services. Serving the Seattle/Tacoma area for many years. Our outstanding reputation has been built by serving our loyal customers with prompt, efficient and courteous service.

    Some hot water heater problems can be repaired quickly as we carry the parts on our trucks and are ready to tackle any water heater. Water heaters usually fail because they are over the 10 years old mark and have had little to no maintenance throughout the years. If the heater bottom develops a leak the heater cannot be repaired. Valves and gas controls, however, can be replaced very quickly.


    Electric water heaters are simple to repair usually the elements or the thermostats will need replacement and can be tested and replaced in a short amount of time. It is best to have a professional take care of these type of issues as there are electrical and water hazards involved in making these repairs. Trust Hunts for your hot water tank repairs and know that it will be fixed right the first time and backed by our warranty.

    Gas water heaters are very different from electric as they have a pilot burning fuel all the time and a large burner heating up the water heater. Gas hot water heaters Have a higher recovery rating and are much more efficient. Gas hot water heaters have changed over the years as now most of them have a igniter for lighting the pilot and a gas valve with built in diagnostics. Puget Sound Energy has created a helpful chart comparing natural gas to other sources of energy. Again we highly recommend having Hunts take care of your hot water tank repairs needs for you safety and piece of mind knowing you job was done by a pro.

    If you have any questions regarding gas or electric water heaters or any water heater please give us a call at (253) 242-5660 anytime and we would be happy to help

    The conventional heater and storage tank that is installed mostly in garages has undergone some very good improvements that make them much more efficient with a faster recovery period and with less gas or electricity usage. They also are very well insulated to conserve the heat that the tank maintains while holding heated water.

    These tanks are available in many sizes and they are designed to use minimal space. They carry a warranty of up to 10 years. We carry a variety of the conventional water heaters to meet every need. Our installation process is fast and we can be out the same day you call with a new hot water tank heater.

    Our technical staff is very well trained, fully licensed and insured so you can depend on the quality of our work being the best.


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