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    Trenchless Services

    Trenchless technology provides us with a sophisticated way of installing and repairing sewer and plumbing systems without wreaking havoc on your property. It can also be more cost-effective than traditional methods. Let's look at some of the terminology associated with trenchless technology:

    Trenchless Services We Offer

    • Boring

      Boring is a process where the technician creates a horizontal underground hole without disturbing the surface. Directional drills allow this minimally invasive technique to tunnels where pipes can enter.

    • Carrier Pipe

      Carrier pipes refer to pipes that carry gases or liquids from a source to a destination. These pipes are underground and require trenchless techniques for their repair.

    • Earth Piercing

      Earth piercing refers to the process by which a pneumatic or hydraulic hammer pierces through the ground horizontally to create a tunnel through which pipes can be pushed. This removes the need for digging the ground to lay pipes.

    • Microtunneling

      Microtunneling combines several different methods to lay pipes in a trenchless manner. We excavate a borehole while laying the pipes simultaneously using remove guidance and pipe jacking. Guidance is done by projecting a laser beam onto a target.

    • Trenchless Pipe Lining

      Trenchless pipe lining is a process by which we can restore your old, damaged pipes without excavating. By working underground, we can increase the life of your pipelines by many decades without damaging the environment or causing you inconveniences regarding the use of your property. We use special equipment that creates a lining for your pipes that's as good as replacing them completely.

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    • Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

      Utilizing the process of directional boring, we push a new pipe inside the old one, bursting the old pipe into the soil. Imagine a damaged drinking straw that doesn't allow you to consume your beverage. Thrusting a new straw into the old one, causing the latter to burst and allowing the new one through. This will give you a visual representation of what happens with sewer line replacement.

    • Trenchless Sewer Repair

      At Hunt's Services, we use trenchless technology to repair your sewer. Conventional techniques require extensive digging, removing parts of your flooring, foundation, or even of the walls to expose the sewer pipes. Much like trenchless pipe repair, the work is done within the pipes. While the need for excavation may still arise in some cases, our experts conduct a sewer camera inspection to assess the problem. Our experts will arrive at the best method of solving the problem.

    • Utility Tunneling

      Utility tunneling is a two-part process where the technicians create temporary ground support and allow the installation of the carrier pipe. A temporary tunnel liner is installed while the tunnel is created.


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    Trenchless methods are the least invasive and most cost-effective techniques for your sewer repair and replacement needs. Spare your home's foundation, your building, and your yard from the unsightly and damaging effects of digging up your property. Learn More ...


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