Cost-Effective Sewer Cleaning Services

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    Cost-Effective Sewer Cleaning Services

    Hunt's Services employs highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in sewer line cleaning. We have the technology and know-how to check your sewer system's structural integrity and assess whether there is any damage that needs repair.

    We are the best drain cleaning and clog removal service in the Pierce and King County areas, serving the loyal clients in our community for years.

    Hire Sewer Cleaning Services

    Most homeowners reach out to us once an issue arises with their sewer. However, you may also want to have a sewer cleaning service visit you for preemptive cleaning that will ensure everything continues to run properly. Waiting for a problem to appear can result in property damage and costly repairs. With your sewer, prevention always beats repair in terms of the cost and hassle you will have to endure in the event of damage.

    Among the common issues that your sewer may present are :


    Clogged and blocked sewer lines are among the most common issues. Grease blockages can also cause problems while debris build-up may need addressing.


    Tree Roots
    Some trees will grow deep roots that cause damage and clog your sewer system. Our experience shows that clearing roots with the hydro-jetting method is the safest solution for unblocking sewers from pesky roots.

    The Preferred Method

    of Sewer Cleaning

    We ensure effective sewer cleaning by utilizing hydro jetting. This is a process where a special high-pressure hose that connects to a large tank of water is inserted into your drain pipes. The nozzle goes into the pipes and safely unclogs them by breaking up debris.

    Before we even start the unclogging process, an inspection helps us pinpoint the nature of the problem. Depending on the type and extent of the blockage, the nozzle we use in the hydro jetting process is set accordingly so that the clog breaks down.

    Once we turn on the equipment, the water is pressurized and shoots out at 3500 psi. This provides incredible cleaning power as the process of hydro-jetting cuts through all that tough grease and gunk like a hot knife through butter!

    Hydro jetting is also effective for outdoor pipes where plant debris can pile up over time. This debris is no match for our sewer cleaning service.

    Once we break down the clog, we remove the material responsible for the blockage so that it doesn't cause further problems to your sewer lines, leaving them clear until your next maintenance.

    Is Sewer Cleaning

    Your Responsibility?

    Main sewer lines are usually the responsibility of the local government but sewer pipes on private property are the responsibility of the homeowner. If you're unsure where the problem is with your sewer line, give us a call and we will help you pinpoint the issue.

    Specializing in

    Sewer Cleaning and Related Services

    At Hunt's Services, we specialize in sewer cleaning and related services, such as sewer repair and pipe inspection. We also offer sewer camera inspections, sewer liners, sewer replacements, and excavation. Regardless of the issue with your sewer, we have the solution you need.

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