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    Call a Professional for Pipe Repairs

    A burst pipe is an emergency. We cannot overstate this!

    It's understandable that a burst pipe causes alarm and places you in a state of urgency. You want a solution immediately and you will do everything to stop the flooding or remedy the burst, frozen pipe.

    This is where you need to take a moment, gather your wits and make the right decision. Avoid do-it-yourself solutions or having a layman plumber attempt a fix. A rash decision can end up causing more harm than good.

    Calling a professional plumber will ensure the job is done right. Let an expert from Hunt's Services assess the extent of the damage so you don't leave yourself open to future plumbing issues. Even if you think you can repair the break, it's difficult for the untrained homeowner or business owner to know whether any vulnerabilities remain in the plumbing. The last thing you need is for further damage to appear due to a partial fix.

    Why Fast Repairs Are Necessary

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    Top Types of Pipe Repair


      Extensive digging may still be necessary, especially when the damaged pipe line is simply too compromised or outdated to handle trenchless solutions. This approach may require heavy-duty equipment and greater manpower.

    • Pipe Lining

      This is a trenchless technology utilized to fix cracks, breaks, leaks, tree root invasion, and more. The process may require conducting an initial inspection and hydro jetting to prepare the damaged pipe. We will then measure the pipe's diameter before building a liner that is vacuum impregnated with the epoxy and/or resin specified for the application. This liner is what we insert into the pipe, whether thru the pull-in place method or inversion lining.


    Contact Hunt's Services for Pipe Repair

    At Hunt's Services, we can deal with leaking, frozen, broken, and clogged pipes. We can also detect leaks and inspect the plumbing system to pinpoint weak areas. We're here for plumbing emergencies as well as your pipe upgrade needs. Learn More ...


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