Time and time again we hear from a customer who tried to fix a burst pipe…and invariably failed. We cannot stress this enough: burst pipe repair is best left to the professional plumber! Once a burst pipe is discovered, call a professional plumber and turn off your water at the shutoff valve. A burst pipe is an emergency that must be handled promptly in order to stop any further damage to surrounding areas. One question that surfaces often is: “What causes a pipe to burst?” Well, let’s take a look at a few reasons!

    Customers contact us all the time concerning frozen pipes in the winter. Water gets trapped in the pipes when the temperature is low. This water freezes which causes surrounding pipes to expand and burst. Repairing pipes is affordable and well worth the cost because it will surely prevent further damage.

    Pipes exposed to cold air or outside weather are the ones that are most prone to burst, but water heater pipes might also do the same. We always tell our customers to place insulation around these pipes! Let us know if you need pipe inspection and insulation and we will assist you!

    Some burst pipes can occur in the main water lines that feed into your water supply pipes to your house.  If there is a break in the water line between your house and the main water line into your neighborhood, it is your responsibility to repair the line.  If you see water coming to the surface or pools of water in your lawn for instance, chances are it is a broken main water line that runs from the supply line to your water meter. It may be necessary to excavate the area around the leak to find where the break has occurred.  If the break is under your patio or driveway, then it may be necessary to  break the concrete to get at the water line.  Besides taking a hit on your water bill, you may also end up with damage to your driveway or even foundation depending on there the break has occurred.

    The best way to make sure that the pipes in the house do not burst is to upgrade the pipes in the home. Upgrading the plumbing and pipes in your home will end those frequent burst pipe repair emergencies that happen at the most inconvenient times and will also save you money in the long run. Upgrade your pipes today and contact us to learn more about all the services that we can offer you!

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